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BMW Automatic Transmission Service

BMW Automatic Transmission Service

Do automatic transmissions need oil changes too? Absolutely!

It is the only way to maintain a pleasurable drive and premium performance in the long run.

BMW uses ZF transmissions in their cars ZF Aftermarket recommends a transmission oil change every 100,000 km.

At very high operating temperatures, the oil in automatic transmissions ages faster than in under normal conditions – for instance due to a very sporty driving style or frequent trailer operation. Depending on the driving style, ZF Aftermarket therefore recommends a transmission oil change every 100,000 km.

At BMworkshop we will service your BMW transmission by changing the fluid and the filter/sump with a new one according to the manufacturer’s specification and reset values in the Electronic Transmission Module.

Very often a simple Transmission Service will fix hesitation or harsh gear shifting.

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